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Heroes of the Word is a beloved children’s picture book series that tells the stories of Bible heroes in an engaging and accessible way. With beautiful illustrations and a playful nursery rhyme format, these Christian storybooks are perfect for introducing children to the lessons and characters of the Bible. Join us on a journey through the pages of Heroes of the Word, where you’ll meet inspiring heroes and learn about their incredible stories of faith and courage.

Heroes Of The Word has been featured on NBC Studio 17 Live in Bakersfield California

In a recent episode of KGET Studio 17 Live, NBC Bakersfield, California, the spotlight shone brightly on a captivating book titled “A Boy Named Samson.” The segment, titled “How to Get Your Kids to Read This Summer, and Why It’s So Important,” featured an engaging conversation between host Shannon MacNeil and PR From The Heart’s John Masiulionis.

During the interview, John Masiulionis shared his insights on author Jonathan Sparks, the significance of encouraging children to develop a love for reading during the summer months. He highlighted the transformative power of books and how they stimulate imagination, enhance vocabulary, and foster a lifelong passion for learning.

We are incredibly honored to have “A Boy Named Samson” prominently featured in a segment dedicated to inspiring children to read and fostering a deep connection with God. This special occasion shines a spotlight on the remarkable journey of the book and highlights the immeasurable benefits of nurturing a spiritual bond through literature. The segment beautifully captures the essence of encouraging young readers to embark on adventures that not only captivate their imaginations but also nurture their souls, ultimately leading them to discover the profound joy and wisdom found in their relationship with God.

Heroes Of The Word Book Series

Enter the captivating world of the “Heroes of the Word” series. In “A Boy Named Samson,” your child will discover the story of Samson, one of the strongest men in history. As they read, they’ll embark on an exciting adventure, learning about Samson’s heroic feats and the lessons he learned. The vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling bring Samson’s faith, courage, perseverance, and humility to life. Introduce your child to the inspiring world of the Bible with this ideal book that ignites imagination and inspires heroism. Start their journey of faith with the Heroes of the Word series.

Continue reading and uncover the captivating story of Miriam in “Miriam: The First Prophetess.” Witness her bravery and leadership as she confronts Pharaoh, protects Moses, and guides the Israelites through the Red Sea. Through vivid illustrations and engaging storytelling, your child will witness Miriam’s unwavering devotion to God and her pivotal role in shaping her people’s destiny. This captivating book inspires imagination and embraces unique gifts, empowering children to become heroes in their own lives. Join us in celebrating Miriam’s extraordinary story and discover the power of faith, courage, and leadership.

Meet The Author

Meet Jonathan Sparks, a Christian author with a passion for sharing the message of God through his writing. As the child of a pastor, Jonathan grew up steeped in the Christian faith and developed a deep connection to God at a young age. This early spiritual foundation has guided him throughout his life and inspired him to pursue his passion for writing.

Jonathan’s love for children and his desire to share the message of God with them led him to create the Heroes of the Word children’s picture book series. With his talent for writing and his background as an artist, Jonathan has created a collection of Christian storybooks that capture the imagination of young readers and help them connect with the Bible in a meaningful way.

In addition to his work as an author, Jonathan is also a dedicated member of his church’s praise and worship team. His faith and his creative talents have combined to make him a valuable member of the community, and he is always looking for new ways to share his gifts with others.

Whether he’s writing children’s books, creating art, or leading worship, Jonathan’s passion for God shines through in everything he does. He is a talented and dedicated Christian author who is committed to using his gifts to spread the message of love and hope to the world.


Jenny Excellent, easy to follow for kids, and great lesson

My son and I really enjoyed this book. The lesson was well thought out and the story and illustrations were great!

Kylie An engaging tale of Samson that will inspire kids!

This is a beautifully illustrated and crafted children's book, that tells the story of Samson and his strength. It's underlying message of strength and fortitude is one that can inspire all children regardless of their faith. Jonathan Sparks' debut children's tale is wonderful and I look forward to future works,

Darcy Great story - Great art!

This is a great story, and it's a good way to introduce your kids or anybody to the stories of Old Testament heroes. The art really helps bring it to life!

Luigi Highly recommended

Read the book to my kids and their reaction was just priceless. Loved it all the way!

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